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Shopping2 - Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship international?

Yes, however shipping international may result in higher shipping cost. For lower cost we suggest you order from your local Shopping2 site, Shopping2 USA and Shopping2 UK.

How come when I click threw to order the product, the price is different?

This is often the result of the item no longer being available directly from Shopping2, if it isn't available from us, we offer several options from trusted 3rd party retailers.

Can you give me specific information on a product?

All the information we have for all of our products is available on our site. You can click the "More Information" button to find more details about the product.

Do you sell ________, and is it available?

The best way to find out if we sell a particular product is to do a product search at the top of this page. Once you reach the product page you can find out the product's availability.

Do you appreciate my business?

Yes we do and we thank you for shopping with us!

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